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We help people explore and define their relationship goals to find real dates that lead to meaningful and lasting connections.

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Two Find is a modern Matchmaking and Dating service built on 20 years of professional experience and knowledge in the art and science of matchmaking, dating and relationships. It is extensive and highly personalised. Finding someone you can deeply connect with can be hard, especially with the advancement of technology along with the oversimplification and lack of depth present in dating apps and matchmaking options

We use a human approach

                                 to best fulfil a human need.

After a certain point in our lives, we might decide that we are ready to start searching for that special someone who shares our life goals and appreciates our individual pursuits and interests, be it staying fit and healthy, spirituality, travel, thrill-seeking or other exciting experiences.

The challenge: where do we begin?

We know all about the difficulties that come with a hectic schedule, the lack of energy or sometimes even confidence to socialise. Furthermore, the COVID-19 pandemic has further complicated the dating process. On a positive note, it has also made finding a partner a top priority for many people. Through a scientifically-backed and evidence-based approach, Two Find provides expert services that will help overcome these barriers and are tailored to your personal profile. We don’t reuse the same formula because no two people are the same. Two Find was built on a growth-mindset and we cultivate the same in our clients and their relationships in a private and confidential manner.


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In a world with overwhelming or limited options, our inner monologue sometimes limits us from trying to meet people or thinking that there is someone out there for us. Our thoughts, beliefs, values and feelings direct our actions or inactions which can be changed to create a new reality with the right expert guidance and focus.

Anju Lagah

Truly British by birth and nature, I moved away from England- my first love, to make the little island of Singapore my second home for the past 15 years. Here, I grew my family, but becoming a mother of three strong-willed daughters did not stop me from pursuing my passions and living out my dreams. 

I spent 12 years in an illustrious career as a recruiter for senior roles in emerging tech across Europe and Asia, during which, I noticed that many of my family, friends and colleagues continuously faced challenges when searching on their own for a like-minded and committed partner, despite being accomplished in all other facets of their lives. When it came to dating, they lacked the time and their efforts rarely led to an enjoyable experience. Most importantly, they struggled to meet someone sincere who was also looking for a fulfilling and long-term relationship - leaving them feeling exhausted, deflated and disillusioned. I decided to use my experience to change the way they feel about relationships forever, for the better.

The pandemic finally cemented my resolve to augment my expertise in “corporate matchmaking” by researching the science and best approaches towards dating and matchmaking. I’d already built my reputation as a national award-winning Consultant and the first Matchmaker in Singapore to be certified by the Academy for Matchmakers (UK) and completed an ICF accredited training programme to bring industry-leading experience, international best practices, and proven methods to matchmaking here. 

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I created Two Find as a culmination of the cultures, countries and careers I’ve navigated, alongside marriage and motherhood to finally tie my professional experience, personal strengths and passion together to make your relationship goals my priority.

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