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Does International mean Expat?


Two Find is the first Matchmaking and Dating service in Singapore focused on International professionals who face distinct challenges when looking for a partner, as they may be in a transitory role, looking to return to their home base or travel further afield for their career with the right person.


We cater to both Expats and Singaporeans who have an international mindset molded by where they have lived and worked. 


How do I know if Coaching or Matchmaking is right for me?


We offer an initial free consultation that will help you understand the difference between our services so you can choose which one will best achieve your relationship goals.


What is modern Matchmaking?


Modern Matchmaking takes an individual’s choice and nuanced preferences into consideration to increase the probability of connecting with a like-minded person that is as committed as you in finding a life-partner 


What research and science is Two Find backed by?


Behavioral science is the study of how we think and make decisions that determine our actions. The methods used in our Coaching and Matchmaking service are built upon a solid foundation of proven models derived from Psychology, Sociology, and Neurology.


Why Matchmaking?


Despite the plethora of choices, dating is harder than before for many reasons.  


Just as you would outsource or consult a specialist when investing or considering a high-value purchase or an important personal choice, the decision to use a qualified Matchmaker takes the leg work out of sifting through potential matches. We impart our knowledge to inform your choices, vet them and extensively profile potential matches to ensure that you can enjoy the experience with someone who complements your preferences, values and life goals


How long does it take to get a match?


As we are a bespoke service and do not rely on a database, we cannot give a specific time frame other than you will receive our full attention and focus with agreed updates on progress and potential matches.


Our Premium Membership for the Matchmaking service is by invite only and the focus is on our quality of service. We only have limited spots available for our Premium Membership so we can ensure we deliver the guaranteed number of matches for the duration of your Membership.  

What information is seen by others?


You are in full control of the information that your potential matches see. We develop a Match profile that is informed by our conversations and interviews, which will then be reviewed and signed off by you.


Once you give your consent to meeting in person, we only share your contact number on the morning of the actual date. We do not share any other personal details with your potential matches.  


What happens after Two Find selects and introduces you to your potential matches?


The dating process is the opportunity to evaluate one another's suitability as a long term companion or spouse. We arrange the date, time and type of date / venue based on your request. We gather feedback from both parties, allowing you to ascertain key takeaways to improve or continue your dating journey.


Does Two Find match clients internationally?


As a result of travel restrictions due to Covid-19 and a change in singles’ needs to meet someone closer to home, we currently focus on matches only within Singapore. However, we are part of a network of experienced Matchmakers who work to the same high standards in the UK, Europe and USA. We will extend our service offering once travel becomes easier and our clients’ search extends further.  


How do I choose a Matchmaking service?


Call us! We’re happy to talk through your questions and concerns that will help you understand if we are the right service for you. 


All our Matchmakers and Coaches at Two Find are highly qualified and know to put you first. We do not compromise on expertise, knowledge, skills, motivation, confidentiality and integrity. 

We follow Ethics, Standards and Business Practices set out by the Association of British Introduction Agencies (ABIA), The International Coaching Confederation, the Matchmaker Academy(UK) and governing Laws of Singapore.  


Please email with any further questions.

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