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Our matchmaking takes a human approach and is purely conducted offline. It’s refreshing to hear, isn’t it? No algorithms, no gamification of the dating process, no limiting choices, no superficial matches, no wasting time, no easy access and definitely not for those who are disguising their real intentions whether for money, sex, adventure or self-esteem. Look, no judgement either. We recognize that people have needs in these areas, but we want to make sure that there’s no room for deception.


For this reason, our Matchmaking service is exclusive and strictly by invite only. To become a Private Member, you have to meet our strict criteria. Finding a life partner should be a priority and you remain committed and open-minded throughout the entire process.


We offer a single Premium Membership package and guarantee all our Private Members the same level of service, attention and number of hand-picked matches. Above all, none of your information is shared and no steps are taken without your consent. However, we do encourage you to take our suggestions on board as you have embarked on this journey based on trust in our expertise and service.


We save you time by making the effort to find someone so that you can fully enjoy the experience. You can approach dates with your curated matches, knowing that all the difficult and important questions have already been asked and the ID, employment and personal references checks are completed prior to joining.


Your dedicated Matchmaker will conduct in-depth, face-to-face interviews with you, to develop a full profile that captures your nuances and attractive qualities, inside and out. At the heart of this is identifying your core values which indicate what you hold most important. 


We have the experience to really identify what moves you before we scour Singapore for the best potential dates. Our unique approach will ensure you are given matches that are not just simply listed on a database. We intend to give you new choices outside of your network that closely align with and complement your preferences, personality and life goals.







Our clients’ aspirations and inspirations are formed by their experiences and international perspectives. They are discerning in their tastes and culture, accomplished in their academic and professional achievements, care about their well-being - mind, body and soul, and invest in new adventures and encounters. They want to spend time with individuals that resonate with their core values, priorities, and life goals, and are committed to meeting new people with an open mind.


We work with members aged between 35 and 55 years old (give or take), from a diverse range of careers, nationalities and ethnicities, who are looking for someone that is curious to get to know and appreciate them for who they are. 


Our clients are all genuine people who are excited to find a suitable life partner. 

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